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Eat to Beat Stress

Hmmm...I stopped taking my extra Magnesium supplement but I think I'll start up again. I got the following from this page:

When all !@#$ breaks loose, reach for a handful of almonds. They're bursting with vitamin E, an antioxidant that bolsters the immune system. Almonds also contain B vitamins, which may help your body hold up during seriously unpleasant events (like getting a year's membership to Match.com as a present). About a quarter cup every day is all you need. Another easy way to get a fix is to switch from traditional PB to almond butter on high-tension days. (We like All Natural Barney Butter Almond Butter, $7, barneybutter.com.)
Skim Milk
Science backs up the old warm-milk remedy for insomnia and restlessness. Turns out calcium can reduce muscle spasms and soothe tension, says Mary Dallman, Ph.D., professor of physiology at the University of California, San Francisco. A glass of moo juice (preferably skim or 1 percent) may also reduce stressful PMS symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, and irritability. According to a 2005 study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, women who drank four or more servings of low-fat or skim milk per day had a 46 percent lower risk of pre-period misery than women who had no more than one serving per week.
Stress hormones have an archenemy: omega-3 fatty acids. A 2003 study from Diabetes & Metabolism found that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids kept cortisol and adrenaline from geysering. Omega-3 fatty acids also protect against heart disease, according to a 2002 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. "Eat a three-ounce serving of fish, especially fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, and light tuna, at least twice a week," Jamieson-Petonic says. Not a fish eater? For another omega-3 punch, buy foods fortified with DHA (you'll find this particular fatty acid in eggs, yogurt, milk, and soy products); but don't go out of your way for products that boast booming levels of ALA, another fatty acid, which may not work as well.
Magnesium was made to calm holiday insanity. First, the mineral can help lower your stress levels, keeping your body in a state of relative ease as you kick off yet another round of small talk at the company party. Not getting enough magnesium may trigger migraine headaches and make you feel fatigued. (And almost seven out of 10 of us don't get enough of the stuff. No wonder we're cranky.) Just one cup of spinach provides 40 percent of your daily value -- so try subbing it for lettuce on sandwiches and salads. (And now you have an excuse to indulge in the spinach dip!)


Raquel said...

This is a lot of good info. I can't go more than 2 days w/o spinach and/or kale, they are my favorite leafy greens. I can tell when my body is wanting them again. I don't eat salmon (vegetarian) so I get my Omegas from other places. I also don't drink cow milk, I drink Almond milk - it is delicious and nutritious!

Alicia said...

I always see Kale in the store and am intimidated. What do I do with it? I have heard it is really healthy. I don't eat salmon only rarely because all fish kind of upset my stomach. I'd be really interested in how to get my omegas other ways. I currently have a flaxseed oil supplement I take but I'm not sure if it's the right omega 3s that help with depression and energy. Also, cow milk as well can be hard on my stomach if I drink too much so I just have a little at a time. I have never heard of Almond milk and wonder if it would be easier on my stomach. I used to drink soy milk for this reason but just fell out of the habit because I didn't like the smell. What are your thoughts? Where do you get Almond milk? I recently bought Almond butter and Brandon scarfed the whole container. He was shocked because he thought we were both eating it and I said, "nope. I haven't had a chance to have any yet you ate it all yourself!"

Alicia said...

This reminds me of how I eat almonds. I just go to Costco and get a huge container of plain almonds not roasted or salted, just almonds. Then I just put them in a pretty blue bowl and keep them on the kitchen counter. Whenver I supconsciously wander into the kitchen (which happens frequently) I grab a few almonds first. It's really good at keeping me satisfied between meals.

Raquel said...

Oh gosh! What can't you do with Kale? I mix it with Green leaf lettuce in salads. Its nice on the stomach when it is steamed and balsamic drizzled over the top. I put it in stews or soups. I use it anywhere where one would use a lettuce or spinach. I have some great recipes for salads - I should post them.

Almond milk... ahhh so lovely. Perhaps I'll do a quick post now on milks and why I chose almond.

Alicia said...

I bought some Kale. It's now been in the fridge for two days. I don't know what to do with it. Help!