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Manischewitz Matzo Ball & Soup Mix

I love this soup! And, it's lactose free & vegetarian (make sure you get just the Matzo Ball & Soup Mix, not the Matzo Ball & Chicken Soup Mix). A while back I read on Quel's blog: "why would you want to eat chicken stock anyway?" That got me thinking about chicken stock vs. vegetable stock. So I watch Ina Garten on FoodNetwork all the time and she asserts that nothing beats a good, homemade chicken stock. So I followed her recipe and made chicken stock homemade; I even put some aside in the freezer for later. When I pulled it out of the freezer, I noticed that the fat in the stock had separated from the stock into one thick layer on top of the stock that I could pull off (it was the size of a hockey puck of just straight fat-yuck!). I made some soup with the homemade chicken stock and a leek mix and I just kept thinking, "why would you want to eat chicken stock anyway?" and imagining all the fat dripping off the chicken into the stock as I made it. I couldn't even choke down one spoonful I was so disgusted. That brought me to this lactose free/vegetarian soup mix, or Matzo Ball & Soup Mix. I love it. I didn't think the Matzo balls would be good, but they are delicious and so comforting to eat. And the good news, is like "Grammie" on Bell Ladies, I have an aversion to some foods. I haven't figured it out yet but I do get an upset stomach whenever I eat any kind of soup, but this lactose free/vegetarian one was delicious and there was no digestive aftermath. I felt great! (Especially since we're coming up on cold/flu season, I think it would be good to stock up on this great soup mix in your pantry). The best news is that this soup only has 40 calories per cup! Slurp it up all day long, it's great! I wish I would have replaced my Ramen, which has approx. 188 calories per cup with it long ago. However, the only bad thing is that this soup has a lot of sodium, but you can control that by adding less soup mix and more water. I actually thought it tasted a little too salty when I made it last so I think I could use the same amount of water but cut the soup mix in half or something. I think it would taste even better if you added sliced carrots, leeks, or green onions. Maybe even some fresh dill. But now that I'm a non-chicken stock person, I need Raquel to tell me about this vegetable stock thing and where to get vegetable stock.


Raquel said...

You've asked the right girl! I've become the Queen of Vegetable stock. Vegetable stock is next to your canned soup in the grocery store. I buy it in the cardboard cartons and always have an extra. "When in doubt - pull that vegetable stock out" has become my mantra for dinner. I'll post vegetable stock info on the blog.

Raquel said...

P.S. All of that talk and description of the animal fat you pulled off of the stock.... ICK... that is one reason why I prefer vege stock. It gives me the heeby-Jeebies just thinking about chicken stock.

grammie said...

Sounds so good ! I will have to try it. Looks like we all need each other to get through life ! Thanks!