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No Boys Allowed!!

You don't have to be married with kids at home to be a blog contributor, so seriously invite whoever. You just have to be a girl is the thing. Here's my rationale: I always wanted to hang a sign that said "No Boys Allowed!" on the door. I never did, but I probably should have. Especially since I dated all these not-so-cool guys (no offense to them) until I met my knock-out amazing guy (Brandon). So yeah, this blog is for girls who love their guys but admittedly, need some girl time to just chat about what girls like, sorry but it's true. Of course, all the guys in our lives are amazing and we love them but we can't help that that sign's on the door. If it weren't on the door, we couldn't make our blog all cute and stuff and that's essential to opening up a great, girly discussion. Not that boys aren't cute to use a double-negative, it's just that they'd probably complain that the blog was devoid of "Gone Fishin'" logos and brown and gray backgrounds, which would completely done me in if you know what I'm saying.


Lisa S said...

What a great idea! You are so clever and talented. I will follow along and I promise to add somthing every now and then. You do know that the pressure is on to be as insightful as you are.
My observation for today is this;
I am now teaching early morning seminary,(what a kick), and it amazes that in spite of rising every morning at 4:30, I still manage to run out of time leaving much undone at the end of the day!

Alicia said...

Early morning seminary???!! Wow! That is so early to wake up! Good for you! I would love to be in your class. You are a great aunt! I just love you. I hope you'll tell us all about your early morning teaching adventures. I love teaching and miss it. I love your blog too. It's so cute!

Raquel said...

hahah! I love it! I'm very excited to start contributing to our "girls only" club.