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I have stayed in some beautiful hotels and had fun vacations that I will never forget but there are other memories that are equally as thrilling. The time my Dad had to remove a salamander from the toilet bowl. That was exciting, no one knew how he got there, he just must have made his way through the pipes. Living in Bear Lake on my Grandfather's farm. Roaming the hills and valleys on my stick horse all day, and coming home just in time for dinner. One time someone dumped four little puppies on the farm and my little sister, Sherry, and I were in heaven. It was fun to play in the haystack and to dare each other to wear red and to walk past the bull's pen. Picking raspberries and canning them, if we didn't eat them first. Watching Grandpa chop the heads off the chickens and them cleaning them out all together on Grandpa's back porch. Getting a blue ribbon for the little rosebud apron that I made, because my mother taught me to sew and Sherry and I were the only two in the 4 H class.
Going to the old-fashioned drug store in Montpelier and ordering a fresh lime with my Grandpa. Because after all his name was Lyman, or Lyme. Being the only cousin to use the red handled spoon, because I said so. Watching the Lennon sisters with my Grandfather who had a really big deep bass voice and loved singing. While watching the fuzzy television a mouse would usually run in the house and go straight for the trap. Then we would dine on oysters and crackers sent to my grandfather by my aunt Gwen. Going to bed in my darling shorty flapper style pygama's with the satin ribbon on the little pleated skirt. Of course mine were blue and Sherry's were pink. They were so cute and right from the Sears Catalog. As we drifted off to sleep we usually heard the coyotes howl at the moon, but the stars were really shining in the dark night.


Journey to Crunchville said...

What wonderful memories!

Alicia said...

That sounds so nice! What's the red handled spoon thing? What is that spoon? I haven't heard that one before. That was darling. I just loved the images of you and Sherry with the puppies and then in your cute pjs and getting drinks with grand-pops. How cute! I love you, Mom!!

Raquel said...

What lovely and picturesque memories you have. I can picture every word, and practically smell the fresh air!

Jacquelyn Sherry said...

That sounds like a blast! I guess the blue/pink thing started early. 'Do you like blue or pink best?' haha

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

That was so beautiful! I would read a whole book about your memories- you describe things very vividly.