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Vitamins. Any thoughts?

Here's what I'm currently taking because Dr. Oz on the Oprah show recommended these vitamins, although the brands he didn't specifically recommend:
Nature Made Multi for Her with Iron & Calcium
In addition...

250 mg Magnesium
100 mg B-6
500 mg Calcium

Here are my medications:
Kirkland Aller-tec for allergies 10 mg
Sertraline generic for Zoloft for depression 50 mg

Of course, I am adding lots of vegetables including tomatoes, spinach and now kale into my diet to get the nutrients from natural sources. But I really want the benefits of taking these vitamins but they make me so nauseous. I have tried full glass of water, eating them with a meal, eating them at night right before bed, etc. etc. I want some real answers. Why do vitamins upset my stomach? What is in them that causes the nausea? Are our bodies just not able to handle all those vitamins and minerals at once? Any thoughts?


Raquel said...

I take my vitamins also. The only one that makes me sick, and I taste it all day after, is the B complex vitamin. It is so potent. I always take them on a full stomach or else I end up wishing I had not taken vitamins. The nausea with the vitamins is a conundrum to me.

teage-and-erin said...

did you have trouble with pre-natals? I sure did! And I think that it does have to do with our body's way of breaking down certain "matter" in our system....I have always wondered that myself.

Nammy GeNee said...

Don't eat vitamins, eat all the good fruits and vegetables they are the natural source and work better.

Journey to Crunchville said...

I've never had an issue with vitamins but if you want to avoid them but get more of the nutrients out of your food you can take enzymes. I'll have to create a post about those soon. In the meantime you can research them on enzymestuff.com if you want.

Alicia said...

YES Erin. I couldn't even keep prenatals down, and so I basically didn't take them the whole time. It sure did a number on my body though. After Glo was born, I just wasn't able to get well again, I'm still not well and it's been 4 and a 1/2 months! My bones my feet and back hurt the most, but I also have pain in my arms and muscle pain in my feet and lower back and constant headaches. Baby sleeps all through the night too, and so it can't be that I don't get enough sleep. I blame not taking vitamins.