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Pretty Fabric from Tangled Threads Quilt Shop, Inc.

I love the pretty fabric at Tangled Threads. I am so excited about possibly taking a class this fall or winter. Is anyone interested in taking a class with me? I have stopped by this store in Lynden a few times but with Enrichment coming up, I really needed to just step out of my comfort zone of "just looking" and get some fabric for this upcoming project. Thelma (one of the owners) was so nice and helpful and went out of her way to make sure I left happy with my purchase. Click here for the Tangled Threads website.
Whenever I hear "Enrichment" I am reminded of what I used to do as a little kid when I was playing upstairs and I'd hear my mom asking from downstairs, "Alicia? Did you vacuum?" I usually hadn't and so I wouldn't answer her and I'd go hide behind her clothes in her walk-in closet. That describes how I feel when I hear the word "Enrichment". Simply put, as an English teacher, give me a paragraph and I'll be happy for hours analyzing it, writing poems from it, and re-writing it: give me a needle and thread however, and I'll hide behind the clothes in the closet. All of that is about to change...Teri in my ward is going to show me how to sew a purse! Here's the fabric I picked out in Lynden on my way home from picking up Brandon. So cute! I told Brandon that looking at this fabric puts a knot in my stomach because it's so pretty and I'm scared that if I touch it, I'll ruin it. I'm seriously considering organizing a "support group" to meet for dinner 45 minutes before Enrichment and then we could all go together. If you are interested, E-mail me, it'd be fun!


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Wish I was your neighbor! I'd be there in a heartbeat. I want to learn how to do purses- my sister-in-law makes the most amazing purses I've ever seen.

A side note on that- she'd rather be outside playing tennis or waterskiing than doing domestic things, so given that, I'm sure your purse-making will be painless and rewarding. If not, you can always write a poem about it. :-)

Raquel said...

hahah! I feel the same way - and I get frustrated that the ladies that CAN sew make it looks so easy. My mom always wanted to teach me, she's a great seamstress. As a snotty teen I thought that learning to sew was SO *eye-roll* lame - my exact words were, "if I can't buy it I don't need it." Mature me would smack teen me for that attitude. Good thing I've grown up! I have been thinking that sewing needs to be my new endeavor.