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Please Precious Friends,


The contest was "best of summer".
Now I'm worried that it was really best BABY of the summer! I still say jumping off a cliff=summer.

My entry is #10... please send me some voting love here:



Alicia said...

I like #1, #8 and #10. I think #8 and #10 are the most "best summery" ones. Great photo! I voted for #10!

kaitlyn said...

I voted for you too!

it was like a baby photo contest... what the heck! i mean i loved the cute babies and all... but seriously. good job!

Raquel said...

Great Pic! I voted for #10. Those babies were adorable!

grammie said...

I voted also... That is a fab picture # 10 !!!

Courtney Price said...

I've got tons of cute baby shots! I should have known... babies beat 25 year olds without jobs ANY DAY! :)

Courtney Price said...

And thanks for supporting me girls!

Journey to Crunchville said...

That would have been frustrating to me. They should really be more specific about a category before you have to submit your picture. I love the circular nature of the picture. Very cool.