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This is very important, please read carefully:

This is Alicia, the administrator for Bell Ladies. Unfortunately, my username and password for my Google account was hacked. I am sorry for any strange E-mails that were sent to you and for this terrible inconvenience.

I no longer have access to any of my blogs. I am posting here using my mom's account. Please delete my blogs (all of them) from your links, and please forward this to anyone who may have a link to my blogs. The blogs are:

All Bell Ladies blogs: www.bell-ladies.blogspot.com and its pages

These blogs no longer are secure. The hacker has the username and password for these blogs. Nothing that is posted or manipulated in any way after today, September 25, 2009 10:00 am is legitimate.

I strongly recommend that you no longer post to this blog. Bell Ladies will be up and running and more secure at a new url by the end of today. Please E-mail me if you would like to continue using this website.


How did this happen?

I received an E-mail that appeared to be from "Gmail" asking me to verify my username and password, which I did and that is how the hacker got in.

Are there viruses on my computer because of this?

No. I did a full-scan on my computer and it indicated no virus threat. However, I would do a full scan on your computer at this time. I would also BLOCK these E-mail addreses:


as well as delete all links to the above mentioned blogs.

Also, just to be on the safe side, find out if you computer has anti-virus protection software installed on it. Then, instead of using Internet Explorer, download for free "Firefox", an explorer service that has a reputation for being more secure. You can download it at: www.mozilla.com for free.

What is your new E-mail address?

You can E-mail me a request to continue using Bell Ladies at our new url at:


Note: Anything posted after 10:00 am, including suspicious changes to this message are not authorized by me (Alicia).

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