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Gluten Free Shopping

Tuesday while my out of work husband
was out making contacts, he stumbled
upon a great find. Blue Chip Group & Country
Fresh Farms. This store and packaging company
is a treasure trove for gluten free products.
So last night after work we went exploring. Oh My!!
So I picked up a few essentials. Gluten Free basic
cookie mix, Gluten Free PIZZA dough,and Gluten Free
biscuit mix.I was very excited for pizza, Yes that is dinner
Blue Chip Group also has regular food choices all packaged
for home storage. They are located at 432 W 3440 S Salt Lake City
for all that are interested.


Raquel said...

I almost want to fly to Utah just to check out this cool store you are telling us about here! I'm excited to hear how the pizza turns out. Post pics?

Nammy GeNee said...

I am so glad you found that store, my aunt has the same problem as you and I noticed her food choices are better than they were a few years back. She even had some rice based cookies when I was at her home.

teage-and-erin said...

Oh my! I wish that were in Washington! I am trying to do more glutan-free and it is hard to find unless you want to pay big bucks!!