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Jessica started seventh grade last week, and Christopher started fourth! I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up. It was so strange going to back to school night at the same Jr. High school I attended. Some of the teachers that taught when I was there are still there! What is even funnier is that a lot of the parents were people that I went to school with, which made me feel like I was in Jr. High again myself. Luckily, I'm not. I hated seventh grade! But Jessica is infinitely cooler than I was so she should do a lot better than I did. And luckily, Jessica seems to love Jr. High. I hope it last.
Chris, on the other hand, wishes it was still summer so he could go swimming everyday, and play with friends non-stop. Oh well.
Don't worry. I didn't make my kids wear the clothes that they have on in this picture to the first day of school:)


Alicia said...

Cute photo! Your kids are way stlyin'. Nice hearing from you!

Raquel said...

Christine, the kids are beautiful, just like you. I love their outfits! Jessica has fabulous hair - the hair that most women dream of having!