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Need Some Help For a Friend

One of my best friends had to urgently leave her home this morning in the Tri-Cities (eastern Washington) and drove here with her two children bringing nothing with them but the clothes on their backs. She is also pregnant and due in October. I am not sure how long she will be staying with us but at least a week or so. Does anyone have anything they could loan for her or her children?

I have plenty of clothes for her son (13 months) but I do not have the right size of clothes for her daughter (2T/3T). She also needs size S/M in maternity clothes.

Also, if you could pray for her and her children.

P.S. If you have something to loan you can call me at 360-224-9288 or you can send me an email at jessicareid823@gmail.com


Alicia said...

I have a big box for you guys. The clothes, you need to return but the food you can keep!

Come by anytime to pick them up. Just call before you come so I'll be sure to be home.

Journey to Crunchville said...

Thanks, we appreciate it so much. Yes, everything will be coming back to the owners because she has all these things...they're just at home.

Thank you so much. I'll come by when my husband gets home today.

Alicia said...

I should have mentioned I just have maternity clothes...I don't have kids' clothes in those sizes...maybe someone else will though.

Courtney Price said...

Where are you? Bellingham? I'm in Lynden... I have a myriad of girls clothes... just let me know! I'm at 360-739-9889