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Lamb with Tomato Salad

I don't know what this is, but I saw Ina Garten on "Barefoot Contessa" on the FoodNetwork make something a whole lot better than this. But here is my watered down, try-it-at-home version. First, the salad is amazing by itself. My mom used to tell me about the virtues of red onion and I was like, "whatev." But now I totally get it! Anyways, if you don't like lamb, try this salad on its own:

grape tomatoes (lots)
cubed cheese (I used Havarti cheese, but Ina used Feta)
diced red onion
lots of fresh basil, julienned
salt & pepper
olive oil (just enough to barely cover it all)

You'll love it. Now here's the lamb. Put some lamb shoulder chops into a large bowl. When I did this myself, I should have trimmed some of the extra fat off the lamb shoulder first, just a thought. Add this (I don't know the quantities just add enough of all of it to cover the meat):

red onion chopped
lots of fresh thyme
red cooking wine
red wine vinegar
olive oil

Let the lamb marinade for a while (for me it was like 30 seconds and then I got bored). Cook in a pan on the stove top. Delicious.


marti said...

Your comment that said "Let the lamb marinade for a while (for me it was like 30 seconds and then I got bored)." cracks me up!

Journey to Crunchville said...