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One of the Most Interesting Things I've Seen in a Long Time

I'm not sure how many of you readers have a business or are involved in marketting a business in any way, but this video is a real eye opener. I for one have been reticent to try any traditional marketing for my business-- I figure if I don't pay attention to those things, does anyone else? I think the answer might be no:

So what do you think? Bigger than the industrial revolution?


Alicia said...

I like this video and think it was done well. The only problem I see is that as soon as "everyone knows" about something, it has the potential to become passe. And it may be that in a few years, people will learn to "ignore" the adds they see via social media, like they tivo through commericals and require a more personal outreach, like a simple flyer left on the doorstep.

I'm a fan, though. If social media advertising would get rid of telemarketers (because twitter and other networks require you to authorize your cell number first and let's pray it stays that way) then I'm all for it. I also like it because my carrier would help me block unwanted marketing calls (however, it may give carriers an incentive to charge customers more for marketing calls/txts protection, just like I pay a little more for the Internet to have pop-ups and adds filtered through a firewall. It's a really fascinating subject.

Raquel said...

That was a very good video. It is fascinating how quickly our lives and how we do things changes now. Must be careful, there is yin and yang in everything. Everything in moderation!