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About Me: Jacquelyn

Hey! I’m Jacquelyn. I’m an opera singer in training. I love stuff which makes writing about myself a little boring because I tend to use that as the only verb in my sentences. I’m excited about the things I’m doing, and I may be a bit melodramatic, but hey, it comes in handy :) I love gardening, flowers, sunsets, mountains. I love photography, though I don’t really know how to do it (no worries, its on my bucket list). I love to learn, I have lots of high aspirations. I love bright colors, art, fashion (particularly nonsensible shoes),and interior design. I love the ocean, but by that I mostly mean ocean creatures–I’ve been known to scan the channels in hopes of finding another giant squid documentary, and love to visit aquariums...and then eat seafood...a little morbid I know. I’m a detailed journal keeper. I love dogs, big ones. I love to cook, and try new foods. Cheese is my favorite food, muenster specifically, though there’s hardly a cheese I’ve met that I haven’t liked. I love music, particularly gypsy music or anything with an accordion, opera, and 80s techno. I love shopping and finding sweet deals. I love the theater, but particularly opera. I most recently performed in Dido and Aeneas (as a witch and courtier). I have an interest in accents, and absentmindedly slip into inconsistent ones all the time, as anyone who knows me knows.


Alicia said...

Sweet picture, sis. You make the best witch! I mean that in a good way!!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

How fun! (And what a fun blog! I was pointed here by my cousin, Sarah Youngberg).

Are you a soprano or alto? I wish I had an operatic voice. I write for a living, but I do so appreciate music.

Also, I love cheese, but my favorite is Hvarti. (sp?)

Nammy GeNee said...

You were a very good witch is the opera. Which is too your credit, because in real life you are very nice.

Courtney Price said...

Nice to meet you! If not a mom of four, I'd be an opera singer :) Well, that or broadway :) I love wicked witches too :)

Raquel said...

I think its absolutely amazing that you are an opera singer (in training). I knew you when you were a tiny little girl - I am one of Alicia's friends. Congrats on all your accomplishments!