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This Is Me

I probably don't know any of you except for our mutual friend Alicia, but I am excited to get to know you through this blog! My name is Lara Seaver. I live in Clearfield, UT with my husband Jayson. I am not a mother yet, but we are hoping that little ones will come to join our home soon. In the meantime I am working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the schools. With school being out for the summer I have been home alone a lot and have been starving for some contact with other adult women. I am so excited for this blog! I love reading, learning, cooking, camping, star gazing, road tripping, crafting, organizing, blogging and lots of other things! I am currently working on loving running and cleaning, and actually making some gains with the running thing (the cleaning not so much). I grew up in Redmond, WA (near Seattle) and my heart still lies in the Northwest. Hopefully someday we will be able to return there. Like I said, I love to cook, so I may be sharing some recipes on here as I discover new favorites.


Alicia said...

I'm so excited that you'd join! It's been so cool that we've been in touch. You were seriously the nicest roommate I ever had at BYU. It was so nice to be your roommate.

Youngbergs said...

I love the Northwest, too!