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Drench Yourself in Lavender

These fragrances by Lavanila Laboratories, Home of the 100% Healthy Collection are wonderful, but a little expensive. I like their ideas though. Click here for their pretty website and to get a free fragrance sample with every order! Or, get inspired from their website to find more affordable luxuries...

This Epsom Salt with Lavender is 2/$6 at Walgreens. I am not paid to advertise for Walgreens, really; I just live a block away from it and have discovered there's cool stuff there. It just really needs a better name and a cooler atmosphere and then it would be the "in" thing. Anyway, hot bath water + 2 heaping hand fulls of this salt + a minimum of 15 minutes soaking in it = amazing. Brandon loved the smell and really complimented me on it and it felt great. Plus my skin has never felt softer. I'm still doing the regimen with the "Oil-Free Acne Wash: redness soothing cream cleanser" by Neutrogena and the "Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials body lotion". And I added Dove's "Deep Moisture" body wash that I got at Costco and I love it, except it makes my shower floor a little slippery.

Another thing I really like are these Arm & Hammer "Essentials Fabric Softener Sheets in Lavender & White Linen." They are dirt cheap and smell so good!

Try also Softsoap's Hand Soap in Lavender & Chamomile. Layering is they key to enjoying the experience. You could even get some lavender sachets and use them to keep your linen closet and dresser drawers smelling wonderful and empty the contents of the sachet into your vacuum bag to spread the love all around your house! Get a lavender candle! See what layering the scent can do for you.

Btw, a quick way to freshen up the house is to put the contents of your favorite smelling sachet into your vacuum. Then, before you vacuum shake a LARGE box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda over every inch of your carpet. Wait for 30 minutes. Then vacuum, slowly and repeatedly. You'll love it and your carpets will smell like new. Then you can spot-clean the stains and feel good getting THAT close to them to clean them well.

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