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Paper Back Swap

I love to read. I also live in a tiny suburban community with no library. The neighboring town has a library, but it's very small. When I go there I feel as though I'm at a day care, not a library. My alternative to the library has become Paper Back Swap. It's a free online book swapping club.

To get started you post 10 books that you'd be willing to send to another member. Easy, right? Just clean out your basement. You probably have way more than 10 books lying around that you'd love to exchange for new books. You can post any type of book you'd like, not just paper backs. Recipe books, travel guides, even books on CD - if it has an ISBN number you can post it. Once you post 10 books the site will give you two free credits to get you started. You can use each credit to requets one book from another member. Once you find the book you want, you request it & that member will send the book to you via mail. If someone requests one of your books you are responsible for mailing it to them. The person who is mailing the book is responsible for paying the shipping charges. Once you mail one of your books to another member, you receive another credit, with which you can request another book. So basically it's like paying about $2.50 for a new book! Obviously, this is not as great of a deal as going to your local free library, but if you find yourself without access to a library, I highly recommend it! I've requested & received all sorts of books. Except for new releases, there is rarley I book I haven't been able to find. I hope you can enjoy this new resource!


Journey to Crunchville said...

I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Thanks for reminding me

Youngbergs said...

What a great idea. Thanks for the info.