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So, I have been seeing a few different types of posts on blogger & facebook this week and was wondering what you think.

1. The post that is "I hate people who show off", but then if you look back at their previous posts, it is very clear that the person who hates show offs doesn't check their own posts before making accusations :)


2. The "Why does everyone copy me?" post.

What do you think?

As for #1, I try to look past the posts that sound a little show-offy and think that people might just want to dwell on the positive? Not post about all the horrible stuff?

And for #2, I think that if anyone looks online, they will find that there is someone out there who does the same stuff they do, but it's not copying at all. In fact, I think it's really funny that people think they are that original. I saw a post today of a woman who made a smiley face with one eye winking and said, "if you see this anywhere else, they are copying me, this is MY design". Really? A smiley face? I've seen that before, even one that winks... see emoticons ;)

Anyway, what kind of poster/blogger are you? Do these others annoy you? Or do you just laugh? I'm in the "just laugh" category, but I don't take myself very seriously.


Courtney Price said...

Really? No one has noticed this? Hmm.

Jayme said...

I am not a facebook person, but I do have a blog. I guess I do this for anyone who WANTS to read it. I have a sister out of state and a good friend out of state, so they keep up to date on my family. I do enjoy posting funny stories and showing off how cute I think my kids are. I guess I think that is pretty much what everyone does don't they?? I do think it is funny though, if someone doesn't like how a person blogs well then simply don't read it :) One thing I think is funny is how much people share on facebook, private stuff you know.

Courtney Price said...

I agree Jayme! If I thought someone was "showing off" because they post something cute about their kids, would I read ANY blogs? :) I love it!

Alicia said...

Blogs are just what we do in Kindgergarten with "show and tell". Since when did we all become so modest anyway? Sure, we could keep everything to ourselves for fear of showing off but that would be...boring and dumb. I have never read someone's blog and felt like she was showing off. How tactless. These people need to not blog if they don't like it. It's not like I force them to type in the url to my blog. I say, they are probably just confessing some kind of blogger inferiority complex...or with the "everyone's copying me" thing, some sort of blogging narcissist complex.

Journey to Crunchville said...

I love blogging and have probably been guilty of showing off