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Photographer's Corner: Get Reaquainted with your Camera.

Photography has always held a special place in my heart. There's something so special about a photo. I still prefer a photo over a video. It's a silent art that leaves you to imagine and wonder how it felt to be there at that moment when the photo was taken.
My interest in photography really grew as a freshman in college. I took a few black and white photography classes. Our cameras were required to be manual or have manual setting capabilities. No point and shoot allowed. Not that I don't like or never use the automatic features or point and shoot cameras, I do but it was about understanding the intricacies of the camera and the light in which you were capturing. I miss the days in the dark room which are so hard to come by now. I used a Nikon FG (single lens reflux, SLR) camera I bought of Ebay. I love the way the shutter sounds and this is one thing I miss in my current camera. I like most of the rest of America use primarily my digital camera now. About a year ago I bought a Nikon D60. It is a digital SLR camera with fully manual capabilities and interchangeable lenses. Life has kept me too busy and I've fallen out of practice with my camera. I never took the time to learn all the neat features that my new camera can do. I recently took a trip to San Antonio and thought it would be a good time to get reacquainted with it. I had forgotten how much I loved to take pictures. Each night I'd go back to the hotel and download them onto my laptop and edit them in photoshop elements. It takes a great picture to make a great picture but I assure you that even in the days of film photographers edited their work in the darkroom.

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