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This is where I live

Our first dusting of snow came upon us recently. Tuesday was a cloudy day and Wednesday cleared to show us this. TERMINATION DUST, or First Snow on the Mountain to all you people in the Lower 48 (for a complete list of crazy Alaska Slang check out this website here.) Rumor has it that it will be 3 weeks until this gets to the valley. And then it will be with us until May. Ugh.

We ventured out for a view of Nature's finest and to scope out houses for sale. After winding up a bit of hill we found this shot. That is the other side of the mountain where I was camping 2 weekends ago. The river is the Eagle River, hence the name of the town I live.

And last but not least, we were snooping around an empty house that was for sale (we are currently renting, but always looking to buy) and turned the corner to these two! That was a HUGE momma and her last years calf. I was sure glad it wasn't a daddy. It is the middle of the rut right now and they are a little feisty! I have a moose counter keeping track of all the moose we have seen since our move to Alaska in December '08 on my blog. It has been a little slow this summer with all the trees hiding the wildlife. Glad to put these 2 up there.

And brush up on that Alaska lingo. There's a quiz.


Courtney Price said...

WOW! So beautiful!

marti said...

You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place! That snow sure looks pretty on the mountains - too bad it has to come down to the valley!

Youngbergs said...

I didn't realize an encounter with a moose in Alaska is as common as an encounter with a squirrel in Washington. Moose are a bit more intimidating, though.

Raquel said...

Beautiful and Amazing!