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Okay, so i completely understand that this is a long way away for me... but like i said i am a planner and this is something that i think about frequently.

What are your thoughts on public/private/home schools? I know there are many pros and cons to each. I just wonder about curriculum, social atmosphere, advantages, etc. let me know what your opinions are and take this where you want it to go. i would really appreciate a discussion! ;)


Alicia said...

Public school or private school all the way. But I'm a teacher, so go fig, huh? I like the idea of my kids getting exposed to all kinds of people at an early age so they get some perspective. It also brings up a lot of good discussion points. My sister Christine is a good example of someone who does public school but with the approach that home is also school. Because her kids attend public school, but she is very dilligent at communicating with them and helping them and talking to them about academic, social and spiritual concerns that may come up as her kids are in school. That's how I want to be. Any thoughts?

Vashti said...

Well this is just me, but kids I knew growing up that were homeschooled had a harder time interacting with other kids socially, like it delayed them in that area. Not that this is the case with everyone, just the people that I have known. I am a firm believer that each child is unique and thus how they each learn and grow is also unique.
I think through prayer we can be inspired as to what type of learning institution is the best fit for you/your family and that is how I plan to proceed when my kids reach that age.
I really enjoyed public school and found it to be very rewarding for me and that is probably the direction my kids will head as well!

Courtney Price said...

I think every child is different and that you have to do what is right for them. I never saw myself as a home- schooler, but I did it for 6 months to get one of my children ready for "real" school :) But that's a LONG story! However, we did it with the goal of pubic school in mind.

Here's one thing I thought a lot about while making these decisions: we need to be IN the world but not OF it. I'm sure you've heard that saying before, but home-school, to me, feels like being OUT of the world.

Plus, I don't feel like I can honestly give my all to home-school. It's frustrating for me personally. While we were doing home-school, I met tons of parents from our community who do it through Lynden Academy. I was impressed with maybe 2 parents, from what I saw, the others were shortchanging their children.

grammie said...

There are lots of options out there for Home school or public school. Here is one that I think is a good alternative to both. It is free and is part of the public school curriculum, and kids can participate in other activities at the school for social events. www.k12.com .
Check with your school district for more info.

Journey to Crunchville said...

I am completely on the other end of the spectrum. We have and will homeschool our kids unless life moves in a direction where our kids must attend public school. I've spent the last 5 years researching and thinking this out. I think most people can think of the homeschooled "weirdo's" but I really think it is a misconception and a false association. First of all, stop and think about all of the weirdos you knew in public school. There was AT LEAST one in every class. Weird kids are everywhere no matter how they are educated. LOL. And if you research homeschooling at any length you will find most homeschooling families spend hardly any time at home. That is certainly our experience. You can be as socially involved as you want. The social dynamic in public school is less than ideal. Other than in public school and sunday school you are rarely in social situation where everyone is the exact same age. Homeschooled kids typically interact better with people of all age groups and are especially better with interacting with older people. A great book I would suggest to start with is "teach your own" by John Holt. There are so many programs available now including a new middleground type of schooling called PPP's (parent partnership programs) where your child is registered as a public school student but you are in charge of their learning plan and they can participate in provided classes, none at all, or some or you can design your own with a few more students, you also receive a subsidy that you can spend on approved materials or classes. I have lots of other book recommendations if you want to hear them but I'd definitely start with John Holt.