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What Bell Ladies "Page" will you do?

There are many "Pages" that I think would be fun to have. Here are some ideas that are up for grabs, just let me know if you'd like to be the blog "administrator" for one of these. If I invited you to be an administrator already, and you'd like to change it, that's okay! Just let me know. Please see "Bell Ladies Announcement" under Label "general info.":

Get Uplifted
Digital Scrapbooking
Good Reads
Good Reads K-12
Back to School
Online Business
Computer Programming


Raquel said...

I love this idea! I'd be happy to take on vegetarian, too!

Youngbergs said...

I vote for photography, writing, digital scrapbooking, and good reads.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Hi there- I've posted a few comments on this blog, (love it!) and I'm Sarah's and Nicole's cousin, Nancy. I also write for a living, published so far in the LDS market, and I'd be happy to do a Writing page if you're interested! I'm also a voracious reader and would love to see a Good Reads page included. Love to compare reading notes!

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

I would love to do an Alaska page! and of course good reads.