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Bell Ladies Important Announcement-Please Read

I am in the process of creating "Pages" to enhance our blog. Here's an example of one page:

I am a calorie counter trying to lose weight and need some additional support, so I've created this blog: http://bell-ladies-calorielogs.blogspot.com/, which is found under our "Pages" in the right column.

However, I'm only going to have time to be the administrator for http://bell-ladies.blogspot.com and so I nominated a Bell Ladies blogger to be the administrator for http://bell-ladies-calorielogs.blogspot.com. She will design the blog and have creative control. I would only interfere if something was published that I didn't want associated with Bell Ladies.

What if I want to be an author on one of the new "Pages"?

I am an active administrator for http://bell-ladies.blogspot.com as well as an inactive administrator for all of its pages so you can always contact me to be added as an author on any of our pages.

What if I don't want to contact you, but just contact the administrator for the page I want?

Go ahead, as long as the administrator for that page provides a contact E-mail then it is fine. Otherwise, you'll have to contact me to be added.

What if I want to create a page and become the administrator for it?

Yes! Thank you! That makes this so much easier if people will jump in and go for it. Just E-mail me with the idea you have for your page and we'll arrange it. There are some rules: you cannot display my "About Me" in your layout, but are encouraged to create your own by uploading a picture and contact E-mail. Also, you must include "Return to Bell Ladies Main Page" in a link list at the "top-right" or "top-left" of the layout where it is easily seen.

Can I create the url for my "Page"?

No, I'll create the url and include it under "Pages" on http://www.bell-ladies.blogspot.com. But after that, you'll do the rest.

Where do I post if none of the pages refer to the subject of my post?

Right here. http://www.bell-ladies.blogspot.com

None of this makes any sense to me. Can I still just post like I'm already doing on http://www.bell-ladies.blogspot.com?

Yes! Don't forget to! The pages are only meant to enhance the Bell Ladies blog and make it a place where women with common interests can meet and exchange ideas specific to their interests.


Kim said...

Change is good, but I really liked the labels... it was neat to see a list of the random things that had been posted and if you don't have time to read everything you could read things that catch your eye. Just an opinion, and I know I must contribute! I really really really like the black and pink layout by the way. :)

Alicia said...

Pages and "some" labels then. I'm flexible. Only suggestion for bloggers is please label your posts (when you're in compose mode, it's the field at the bottom of the compose box), and also where possible, please use existing labels. Only labels with multiple posts will be shown.